At the Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville, New York on the 27th of May as part of their Jazz Sessions 2010, esteemed composer and musician David Amram and veteran New York Times music writer Tom Staudter discuss the film ‘Intangible Asset Number 82′. Director Emma Franz was in attendance and the evening was curated and hosted by Kathy Bonomi. See David Amram bring his inimitable style to the talk in the videos below.

“Like all great narratives, this one is complex and multilayered, and it’s presentation is

reflective of the improvisational spirit of the music that you hear in the film. – Tom Staudter


“Intangible Asset Number 82 is a classic that will be here after we are all long gone.” – David Amram

Tom Staudter, Emma Franz, Kathy Bonomi, David Amram